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Blenzor India
102 A Samruddhi,
Opp. Cosmos Bank,
D.L.Vaidya Road,
Off Ranade Road,
Dadar (W). Mumbai-400 028,
Maharashtra , India.
Mobile/Whatsapp on :
Email : info@blenzor.com
Website : www.blenzor.com
Factory I :
13 Fateh Estate, L.T.Marg,
Andheri. Mumbai 400072 INDIA.
Factory II :
I-15, DLF Industrial Area,
Phase I, Sector 32,
Faridabad, Haryana 121003
Factory III :
B-33, Madhura Estate,
Kathwada, Ahmedabad.
Gujrat 382415, INDIA
Bottled Water Filling Machine


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BLENZOR offers “bottled water filling machine” for medium and large scale packaged drinking water production.
BLENZOR’s “inline bottled water filling line” includes washing-filling-capping-labeling of the bottles
BLENZOR’s “inline bottled water filling machine “ is monoblock 3-in-1 rinsing-filling-capping machine suitable for 200ml-2lit pet bottles
Bottled Water
Packaged Drinking Water
BLENZOR’s Bottled Water Filling Line consisted of-
10 Feet In-feed Conveyor
Automatic 3-in-1 Rinsing-Filling-Capping Machine
Out-feed Conveyor with inspection counter and body shrink labeller
BOPP Labeler (Optional)
12/24 Bunch Packing
10 Feet infeed conveyor for inserting empty bottles to the rinsing jets of the machine.
Rotary spray water type inner washing/rinsing unit.
Digital Pump based filling unit.
Mutliple Head Capping Unit along with Bulk Cap Feeder & dispensing unit.
15 Feet Outfeed conveyor
Shrink or BOPP type Body +Neck Labeling unit
All contact parts-Stainless Steel 316 Grade
Covers-Stainless Steel 202 grade with acrylic guard safety door fitting
Main Motor: 1.5HP-5HP (as per production output model)
Rinsing Pump: 0.5HP
Variable Speed Drive
Cap Feeder Motor:0.25HP,32RPM-3nos.
1/2” 24VDC Filling Valves-3nos.
1/4” 24VDC Rinsing Valves—2nos.
Electrical Control Panel with Output of 24VDC for timers and Valves
Priximity Switches 24VDC M18 size(No-Bottle-No-Rinse-Fill-Cap)
Shrink Tunnel: 6KW
SS Filling Pump 1HP with Bypass arrangement and suitable Buffer Tank
Rinser Section:
Rinser top plate made of SS 304.
Bottle Gripper mounted with UHMWPE bracket.
Bottle grippers are made of SS 304 with machining for CNC machine.
Rinser jet valve body is made of SS 304.
The Opening of the rinsing nozzle is the bottle place over the rinsing jet and turned at 180 degree by a mechanical cam.
Bottle rinsing with liquid recovery for Re-Use.
No Bottle no Rinsing arrangement.
Filling Section:
Gravity filling mechanism suitable for room temperature.
Tank is made of SS 316 with internal polished mirror Finish.
The Filling nozzle is SS 316 & SS 304.
No Bottle No Fill arrangement.
The Filling Nozzle seals are made of Food Grade Silicon rubber.
The Bottle gripper is made of SS 304.
Lift Cylinder are made of LM6 Aluminum with PB Material.
No Change over parts to fill the bottle from 100ml to 2000ml.
Fast and accurate filling valves.
The Level of Filling tank is Controlled by Solenoid Valves.
Capping Section:
Capping section suitable for application of screw on caps.
Hopper for mechanical cap feeder passes the caps into distributors chute.
Sensors are provided which detect the caps in the chute.
Individual Cap washing arrangement is fitted on chute.
No Bottle No Cap system is provided.
Accurate torque setting for capping head.
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Machine Bottled Water Filling Machine
Applications Packaged Drinking Water, Bottled Water,Juices,Beverages
Filling Sizes 100ml-2000ml (5000ml on request)
Filling in Pet Bottles with 28mm, (22mm-38mm )
Main Machine Rotary Bottle Rinser,Rotary Capper with cap feeder, Rotary PLC based filler
Conveyor Infeed-8-10 feet (as per output)
Outfeed-10-15 feet
Inspection Online on conveyor with lights
Body Labeler Shrink Sleeve type or BOPP (Optional)
MOC Stainless Steel 316 Grade
Controller PLC based
Power Consumption 2-5HP as per model
Power Supply 380V -415V 3 Phase,50Hz
110V on request
Shrink Tunnel 2-5KW
Air Consumption 3-4kg per Cm2
2HP Compressor
Wooden Case Dimensions RFC Unit- 3600mm x 2400mm x 3000
Conveyors- 4500mmx 1200mmx 1200mm
Weight 2000kg
Output 24,30,60,90 Bottles Per Minute (Also 120 bottles per minute on request)
Production Capacity Chart:
Model No. of Heads Rins-Fill-Cap Power Consumption H.P. Output /Speed
RFC-24 4-4-1 2HP 24 Bottles Per Minute
RFC-30 6-8-3 3HP 30 Bottles Per Minute
RFC-60 14-14-6 4HP 60 Bottles Per Minute
RFC-90 20-20-8 5HP 90 Bottles Per Minute
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