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Bottled Water Filling Machine

  • BLENZOR Offers “bottled water filling machine” for medium and large scale packaged drinking water production.

  • BLENZOR's “inline bottled water filling line” includes washing-filling-capping-labeling of the bottles

  • BLENZOR's “inline bottled water filling machine “ is monoblock 3-in-1 rinsing-filling-capping machine suitable for 200ml-2lit pet bottles

  • Applications:

  • Bottled Water
  • Packaged Drinking Water
  • Juices
  • Beverages

  • Features:

  • BLENZOR’s Bottled Water Filling Line consisted of-
  • 10 Feet In-feed Conveyor
  • Automatic 3-in-1 Rinsing-Filling-Capping Machine
  • Out-feed Conveyor with inspection counter and body shrink labeller
  • BOPP Labeler (Optional)
  • 12/24 Bunch Packing

  • Specification:

  • 10 Feet infeed conveyor for inserting empty bottles to the rinsing jets of the machine.
  • Rotary spray water type inner washing/rinsing unit.
  • Digital Pump based filling unit.
  • Mutliple Head Capping Unit along with Bulk Cap Feeder & dispensing unit.
  • 15 Feet Outfeed conveyor
  • Shrink or BOPP type Body +Neck Labeling unit
  • All contact parts-Stainless Steel 316 Grade
  • Covers-Stainless Steel 202 grade with acrylic guard safety door fitting
  • Main Motor: 1.5HP-5HP (as per production output model)
  • Rinsing Pump: 0.5HP
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Cap Feeder Motor:0.25HP,32RPM-3nos.
  • 1/2” 24VDC Filling Valves-3nos.
  • 1/4” 24VDC Rinsing Valves—2nos.
  • Electrical Control Panel with Output of 24VDC for timers and Valves
  • Priximity Switches 24VDC M18 size(No-Bottle-No-Rinse-Fill-Cap)
  • Shrink Tunnel: 6KW
  • SS Filling Pump 1HP with Bypass arrangement and suitable Buffer Tank

  • Rinser Section:

  • Rinser top plate made of SS 304.
  • Bottle Gripper mounted with UHMWPE bracket.
  • Bottle grippers are made of SS 304 with machining for CNC machine.
  • Rinser jet valve body is made of SS 304.
  • The Opening of the rinsing nozzle is the bottle place over the rinsing jet and turned at 180 degree by a mechanical cam.
  • Bottle rinsing with liquid recovery for Re-Use.
  • No Bottle no Rinsing arrangement.

  • Filling Section:

  • Gravity filling mechanism suitable for room temperature.
  • Tank is made of SS 316 with internal polished mirror Finish.
  • The Filling nozzle is SS 316 & SS 304.
  • No Bottle No Fill arrangement.
  • The Filling Nozzle seals are made of Food Grade Silicon rubber.
  • The Bottle gripper is made of SS 304.
  • Lift Cylinder are made of LM6 Aluminum with PB Material.
  • No Change over parts to fill the bottle from 100ml to 2000ml.
  • Fast and accurate filling valves.
  • The Level of Filling tank is Controlled by Solenoid Valves.

  • Capping Section:

  • Capping section suitable for application of screw on caps.
  • Hopper for mechanical cap feeder passes the caps into distributors chute.
  • Sensors are provided which detect the caps in the chute.
  • Individual Cap washing arrangement is fitted on chute.
  • No Bottle No Cap system is provided.
  • Accurate torque setting for capping head.

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  • Machine Bottled Water Filling Machine
    Applications Packaged Drinking Water, Bottled Water,Juices,Beverages
    Filling Sizes 100ml-2000ml (5000ml on request)
    Filling in Pet Bottles with 28mm, (22mm-38mm )
    Main Machine Rotary Bottle Rinser,Rotary Capper with cap feeder, Rotary PLC based filler
    Conveyor Infeed-8-10 feet (as per output)
    Outfeed-10-15 feet
    Inspection Online on conveyor with lights
    Body Labeler Shrink Sleeve type or BOPP (Optional)
    MOC Stainless Steel 316 Grade
    Controller PLC based
    Power Consumption 2-5HP as per model
    Power Supply 380V -415V 3 Phase,50Hz
    110V on request
    Shrink Tunnel 2-5KW
    Air Consumption 3-4kg per Cm2
    2HP Compressor
    Wooden Case Dimensions RFC Unit- 3600mm x 2400mm x 3000
    Conveyors- 4500mmx 1200mmx 1200mm
    Weight 2000kg
    Output 24,30,60,90 Bottles Per Minute (Also 120 bottles per minute on request)
    Production Capacity Chart:
    Model No. of Heads Rins-Fill-Cap Power Consumption H.P. Output /Speed
    RFC-24 4-4-1 2HP 24 Bottles Per Minute
    RFC-30 6-8-3 3HP 30 Bottles Per Minute
    RFC-60 14-14-6 4HP 60 Bottles Per Minute
    RFC-90 20-20-8 5HP 90 Bottles Per Minute
    • Factory 1

    • 13 Fateh Estate, L.T.Marg, Andheri. Mumbai 400072 INDIA.

    • Factory 2

    • I-15, DLF Industrial Area, Phase I, Sector 32, Faridabad, Haryana 121003